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Motorcycle Poker Run 2016

What an amazing day it was!


Last Saturday August 20th.2016 we have held our 10th. Motorcycle Poker Run.  Yearly organise to raise money for Breast Cancer Association to help our local women’s.


With the numerous supports of our participants on our event and charity of our local businesses our shop managed to raise a total $6,996.85.


Amazing Yes?  Yes!  It was and speaking as one of the founder of this event I would like to express my words of appreciation. What was once created in 2006 as a small fundraiser and became way more than that!  Never we would have imagine that people would to take some time off work just to come to our event, take special vacation from far to assist to our event, to devote their entire day has a volunteer just to be part of that day, to forget their own problem at home to support a great cause on that day!  If you would have told me 10 years ago that our event would be known by so many, I would have probably said you were crazy.  This yearly event became part of my daily routine, to find new ways to raise money even though I didn’t take part in:

- Shaving my hair! Poor Rog!

- Dyeing my hair, it didn’t work on me!

Or dyeing my beard, well I have none!


I devoted most of my morning before work to "bug" our local business to raise more funds, my goal!


Some of the people that stand close to me know that a couple days after our event I would be or could be ready for another.


Well unfortunately this year instead of getting notes to what to do better for our next year event.  All the stuff that we reused yearly to reduce the cost of our event expense. - I have put them away!


Sadly Roger and I, we have decided that our event have come to an end, therefore we are canceling this event.


Our final Poker Run was overwhelming for all of us that knew that this was the final one!

Everyone was superb that day!

-      Always had a hand shacked by Roger.

-      Always greeted with a smile and a hug by myself, while not crying or panicking!! (Some of you may know what this means!!!!) LOL (you must all now I always cry, when sad, tired or when Happy!)


We are so thankful for your support! 


Again will never forget are volunteers. Again without you ALL we wouldn’t have made it to 10 years.


Karine Lavoie and Roger Lagacy; Owners of K.A.R.L. Cycle

& Founder of K.A.R.L. Cycle Motorcycle Poker Run. Grand Falls, NB

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